Spotlight: Machine


I realize it’s been a while since I have posted. I guess I just didn’t have much to say lately, or rather it could be the slight bout of depression I’ve been  under lately. (life and stuff, you know?) But I’m back and I’d like to throw the spotlight on my novel “Machine”. Or maybe it’s a novella. It’s pretty short. Anyway, I had the idea for this story years ago. I wanted a story where the main character had no dialogue, but was a key point of the story, obviously as it was the main character. I had the vision of the book cover in my brain, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to make that a reality. It was my first stab at ‘hard’ sci-fi and to be honest, I’m a little dubious as to the outcome. I had buried it for years until now and when I went finished it, I went through it over and over trying to find ways to strengthen it and beef it up, but I honestly felt I had expressed the story I had wanted to tell. It just felt kind of undone, but for the life of me, I couldn’t pull out anymore story. Maybe if I had taken some more time I could, but I was satisfied with what I had made. It’s a story about technology gone mad and how our society becomes so dependent upon it, despite the damage to the environment it incurs. However, I don’t go offering easy answers as I feel while technology is a problem, the way we worship it as a god and fail to limit ourselves to only what we need is as much of a problem. I guess it’s also my first stab at a political and philosophical study too. Some may read it and find it simple-minded perhaps, but that’s fine. It’s one of those stories I have that I felt more than thought of. I still think it was a pretty good story. The last part may seem uneven. I got a little caught up in the supporting story, but again, I was feeling my way through it and that’s what I felt. Check it out if you have a chance.


ISBN: 1490488146

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