Refunds? Really?

Okay. I’m just a bit irked about this. I was checking the revenues for my digital book sales and someone had purchased one copy of three of my books and today I see that those three copies had been refunded.  I’m not totally upset about this because I’m not totally sure what this means. At first glance, it looks like someone bought the books and hated them so much they went to the trouble of getting their .99 cents back for each copy. I mean, how vindictive can you get? If I spent 99 cents on something and wasn’t happy with it, I’d just shake it off. Going for the refund was just mean. Besides, how do you refund a digital copy? How can they be sure the purchaser has deleted the book or if they’re just scamming them out of the money?

Another theory is that it’s some weird accounting thing they do over at the Kindle store. Amazon Prime members get my books for free, so maybe it was just the chargeback for them.

I don’t know. It was just very annoying. The only bright spot was that while one person rejected my books, someone else out their purchased all four books of the Jason Of The Valley series in paperback, which I feel balances the inequity here.

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