Random Thought Of The Day

I was nosing around the web last night and discovered a comment on a page where the writer stated that she hated cats. As a cat lover myself, this disease of ‘cat-hate’ has always infuriated me. Most of the reason cat haters give for their opinion is because cats are aloof or anti-social or won’t come when they call. All I can say is that the cat’s behavior must be reacting to how it’s being treated by you because all the cats I’ve ever encountered have been affectionate, happy and extremely social. Animals are not mindless objects that obey your every command. They have minds and opinions and they will defend themselves from larger animals if they feel threatened. That includes human animals. Are you suggesting a cat has no right to fend off unwanted physical contact? That a simple, innocent living creature is on this Earth only to serve your needs? Sorry. Not the case.

This also brings me to another issue with cat-haters. How do you hate an animal? Animals are innocent and free of malice. They have no agenda, other than eating and sleeping. What did that animal do to you to earn your scorn? Did a cat steal your job? Did a cat foreclose on your home? Did a cat do anything to harm you on purpose purely out of spite? The answer would be no. If you hate an animal, cat or otherwise, you’ve got more of an issue going on in your head than dislike of that animal. I just never  have understood how someone could look upon a simple, innocent animal and feel hatred for it. Yeah, if a cat clawed me, I’d be angry, but I would never harm the poor thing. It doesn’t know what it’s doing. It’s just defending itself. What if there were a form of life bigger than humans on Earth? What would you do if one of them started poking and prodding on you? Would you roll over and take it or would you assert yourself?

If you don’t like cats, that’s your thing. Don’t adopt one and don’t deal with them, but don’t go out of your way to hurt them. No living thing should be subject to punishment simply for what it is. If you’re the kind who does abuse or enjoy harming animals, get your ass to a psychiatrist ASAP. The issue isn’t with the animal, it’s within your skull.

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