The 4th of July. Happy birthday, USA(?)

The Fourth of July is upon us once more. The temperature is rising as is the patriotism. There are red white and blue shirts, candles, flags and whatever else you can imagine in the stores and patriotic songs are being played on the radio.

While I love this country and believe it’s just about the best place on Earth to live, I don’t have blinders on.

Is there much reason to celebrate this year? Yes we have freedom and liberty, but it’s not quite as cut and dry as that. We still struggle with equality. Until we are all equal, as the constitution states, we will never truly be equal. We have political parties who are feeding like vampires off the people. They exploit the poor and reward the wealthy and act purely in their own interests. At least that’s what I have seen. We have a legislature that is slowly self destructing before our very eyes. We have a growing gap between the wealthy and the middle class that is just getting worse. The haves grow more greedy as they steal away every last bit they can from the have-nots and they do it all under the auspices of the federal government.

The sad truth is the America we celebrated so passionately ten or twenty years ago simply no longer exists. It can though.  If we can find some way to come out from this darkness and realize that this country is home to us all and everyone has a right and deserves the opportunity to make their lives better. It just seems the rich are afraid to, or simply don’t want to, allow the little guys to have their shot at that brass ring. Apparently all the money they have now isn’t enough. That’s the problem with money. The more you have, the more you want, but that greed eats away at you and before too long, you’ve lost all sense of what is really important. The corruption of the greed is seeping into our politicians and lawmakers. I kind of blame Trump for this. I don’t remember anyone as greedy as him. It seems like he’s the kind of guy who would argue that just making a profit isn’t enough. It’s about making the most profit. Even if it means doing things that are going to end up creating more homeless, because who cares about them, right? You’re doing fine.

I’m not saying we should throw capitalism out the window. It has worked so far. I just think it’s time for Washington and corporate America to have an attitude adjustment. They need to get back in line with the working man and realize if it weren’t for those ‘wage slaves’ all of those big corporations would all disappear.

I feel I’ve digressed, but I think the point stands. I’m not too enthusiastic about the 4th this year. This just doesn’t seem like an America that really calls for such a celebration. 

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