An Open Letter To Prop. 8 Propponents In California

I recently saw an article online that indicated that Pro- Prop 8 people were filing an emergency injunction in order to halt gay weddings because the ban on such marriages was lifted early.

Really? After everything you’re really kicking up more dust? The highest court in the land told you Wednesday that this gay marriage issue was none of your business. Essentially, they politely showed you the door. You have lost every legal battle in the life span of this measure. The only time you did win was on election night, but that was only because you lied and filled ignorant people with outlandish scenarios where gay marriage led to beastiality and polygamy. You said our children were in jeopardy because they would be forced to learn about being gay in school. All lies to serve your agenda. To me that was equal to voter fraud. Millions of people cast their votes for a measure that discriminated against a whole sect of people because they thought they were doing something good for their children. They weren’t. They were played by a manipulative political machine with an agenda of hate.

Why do  you even care? I mean, what business is it of yours who marries whom? How do you think you are able to stand over others in judgment and dictate who has the right to be married and who doesn’t? Why can’t you just walk away from this like you should? The right to marry is a fundamental civil right and just because you have a moral objection to It does not mean you have the right to criminalize it. If it offends you, there are 30+ states in the union that still discriminate against gays. Move to one of them. If I were you, I’d head to Utah first. Something tells me that will eventually be the last hold out as the gay rights issue evolves in this country.

The fact is we live in the U.S.A. and as it has been labeled the land of the free, that means everyone here is free to live their lives as they see fit. That was the ideal. Through the years we have fallen short. It seems ever since the we came into being the only people here with true, pure freedom have been straight, white men, but as history has shown, those who don’t fall into that category have fought, and won, their rights and stand shoulder to shoulder with the rest of America. Such it is with the LGBT community.

There are millions of people living here and each person lives their life in a different way. In some cases, those differences clash with others, You may not approve of the way others live their lives here, but you can’t obstruct their right to live it. If you could, how long until you’re on the other side of this fight? What if someone was trying to vote away one of your rights? A lot of people who oppose gay rights never had to fight this battle. They were white and straight and from the day they were born had not obstacles in their way. No one was protesting their choices. Their rights weren’t put on a ballot measure. They never had to hear other people talking as though they were some sub-culture of humanity, so they don’t understand the fight. They don’t get why this is so important, but it is.

You may have a moral objection to who I am by birth, but that does not bestow upon you the right of telling me how to be. There is no partial equality. The laws of our land can sometimes be complex but on principle is steadfast and true. ALL ARE CREATED EQUAL. No asterisk. No exceptions. If you have a problem with a particular group, fine. Hate them all you want, but don’t think for a second you have the grounds to put up laws that carve away their rights, because once you start doing that, everyone’s rights become up for grabs.

Maybe someday we’ll only want families to have two children so any over that will have to be put up for adoption. Maybe we’ll think that interfaith marriages are tearing our society apart. Do you really want to be on this side of history? On the side that insists on dragging us backwards? Because as history has shown, you can fight and drag as much as you want, but eventually we do move forward.


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