How could I let a historic day like this go by without saying something? Not one, but two major victories for gay marriage. SCOTUS also made history by for first time taking a firm stand on an issue instead of handing down a half hearted decision that merely kicked the issue down the road.

I was so happy to hear about Prop. 8 being overturned. While I am of the opinion that measures approved by voters should be respected, Prop 8 was different. First, it violated civil rights as well as human rights and secondly most of the people who voted for it did so due to the lies and misleading information its supporters were pushing through the media. The people thought they were voting for something that was going to ‘save’ their children, when the measure had nothing to do with kids or schools. That kind of deception, in my view, amounts to voter fraud.

The next best thing was that DOMA was struck down. The base framework of all discrimination against gay and lesbian couples has been ripped apart at long last. This day is setting the stage for even more progress to be made in the future. Deep breath of happiness.

Now the bad news. It seems the opponents of equality don’t seem to understand how deeply they have lost. Already they are talking about what they’re going to do to prevent gay marriage from coming to California. Do these people ever know when to quit? Members of their own camp have even gone on record to say that gay marriage will happen. They know they are on the wrong side of history and will lose, yet they insist on fighting. And I wonder why California has been chosen as such a battleground. I didn’t hear about this much turbulence when New York legalized. Maybe within the state there were some dust ups, but nothing big enough to make the headlines. It just seems the hate groups are particularly interested in preventing gay marriage here, where I would have assumed it would have been accepted as law a long time ago.  Do they think if they can stop gay marriage here that it will stop it everywhere else? As though we were the hive mind? So far, it seems they are losing ground as quickly as we are gaining. With the Supreme Court’s decision today, I think most arguments following will be quickly thrown out, as the highest court in the land has finally deemed any discrimination against gay couples to be unconstitutional.

I have been irritated by this fight since day 1. It frustrates me that a bunch of narrow-minded fools have decided that it’s any of their business how other people live their lives. I’m irritated because we’ve had this fight before over and over and every time the oppressors lose. Are they unable to learn from history or just choose to  ignore it? This country moves forward. This country is built on equality for all and when they say ‘for all’ they mean it. No exceptions.  it’s a shame though that our history doesn’t reflect that. Blacks had to fight for their rights. Women as well. Pretty much every non-white, non-male, non-straight person has had to fight for their basic rights, but on the good side, they have a good track record of winning.

I get that a lot of the opponents of gay marriage oppose it due to their religious beliefs, but that’s even more infuriating. Why should what you believe impact how I live my life? Who the hell said you got to make the rules? The only people affected by gay marriage are the two people being married. This is not a redefinition of marriage. In fact, since the constitution doesn’t specify gender, this is a literal following of our founding fathers’ vision. I would ask all who oppose gay marriage to think about how you would react if your civil rights were suddenly up for a vote. What if your marriage was being put into question? Once we open the door to this, who knows who will be next on the chopping block? Do we really want a country where the majority gets to decide the rights of the minority? Even if you don’t believe in marriage equality, you should believe in justice because some day you’re going to be on the other side of the argument.

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