Abercrombie & Bitch please!!!

A lot has been made of the comments of the A&F CEO, his name escapes me and I don’t feel enough respect for him to bother googling right now. While his statement was refreshingly honest, his  position is appalling. Not surprising though. If you’ve ever been in an A&F the atmosphere of exclusion is clear. I wouldn’t be shocked if they began instructing their sales staff to escort anyone older than 30 out of the stores.

Two issues are especially irksome for me. First, it’s a bad business idea. More than half of America is overweight. Fact. More than half of America is over 30. Fact. To exclude that demographic is financial suicide.  Most of the people this guy wants to avoid his clothes are the ones with the money, while most of the young, pretty people he wants have no money at all. They can’t afford to shop in his stores. Have you seen how much he charges for a t-shirt?

I’ve never understood marketers trying to capture the youth market. They have no money! They’re in debt, make nothing and have no spending power. You want to make money? Sell to the people who actually have money. That would be the older generation. They earn real incomes and have lots of money saved up. Simple as that.

Second irksome point is the hypocrisy of it all. This CEO is fugly as hell! I mean, he looks like he’s at least 50 and frankly, he looks ridiculous wearing his company’s clothes. I actually think everyone does. A&F sells the UGLIEST clothes I’ve ever seen. have no  idea why anyone would wear them. Anyway, this guy fits perfectly in the category of people he doesn’t want in his clothes/stores yet he has the audacity to flat out say he only wants popular, pretty, young people buying his products. Also considering the bullying situation in our schools today, a statement like this seems grossly insensitive and totally out of touch.

I recently saw a video about a young man who is going around collecting all the A&F clothes he can find and donating them to the homeless. I think that’s brilliant. I highly encourage everyone to do that as well. Or at least take a stand and take your old A&F clothes and dump them on the store floor. Or get a bunch of plus sized people and invade the stores and raise some hell.

This guy has a right to run his business anyway he sees fit, I get that, but we as a people have a right to raise hell and let  him know what a complete douchebag he is as well.

1 thought on “Abercrombie & Bitch please!!!

  1. Thank you! I posted on my blog about A&F and I wrote about what that CEO said. No one should shop there. Like, ever.

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